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Fencing Post Manufacturers in United Arab Emirates

Specialized Fencing Post Manufacturer in United Arab Emirates, Leading Suppliers Fencing Post & Accessories in United Arab Emirates. The Fence Post is designed for the rapid installation of a security perimeter. After the post is driven into the ground, Razor wire is erected into the built-in slots along the length of the perimeter. This system can either stand alone or be augmented with the addition of barbed tape concertina in United Arab Emirates attached to the Razor wire when needed.
In addition to Fencing Accessories, our company also offers fence post in various shapes and materials.

 Square Post and Rectangular PostSpecifications





Square post

40 × 40 mm

1–2 mm

Galvanized PVC/PE coated

50 × 50 mm

1–2 mm

60 × 60 mm

1–3 mm

80 × 80 mm

2–4 mm

120 × 120 mm

2–4 mm

Rectangular post

40 × 60 mm

1–3 mm

60 × 80 mm

1–4 mm

60 × 120 mm

1–4 mm

• Surface: galvanized or PVC/PE coated
• Colour: Any colour is available.
• Length: 0.75–2.5 m depends on your requirements
• Diameter: 40–120 mm
• Thickness: 1–4 mm
• Custom shapes and sizes of flange plates and side ears are available.

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